The Shop


As might be expected from a traditional hardware store, we stock a wide assortment of fittings from ironmongery gate hinges to letter box covers. Also stocked are all the necessary fixings of screws, nails, tacks, bolts, staples, washers etc. Power tools and a large selection of hand tools are stocked for all your DIY needs. Unusual items such as cast iron grid covers and walking stick ferrules can be found in this department.

Paint & Decorating

We stock a wide range of colours in Johnstones emulsion and gloss paints. Also stocked are firm favourites Dulux whites, and specialised paints, for example, eggshell, heatproof, aluminium, blackboard, the list goes on. A selection of Ronseal clear and colour varnishes and stains are available for wood, and Hammerite for metal. Briwax, Rustins wood dye and treatments will care for your wood. Paintbrushes range from No Bristle Loss to Harris Easy Clean, and a variety of rollers and many other decorating supplies are also available.


Our large selection of electrical goods range from Kettles, Irons and Toasters for the daily consumer, to the popular plugs and sockets for local tradesmen. Items for the safety conscious can also be found in this department with nightlights, smoke alarms, security lights, safety plugs and timers. An extensive range of light bulbs, strip lights and fittings are also sold. Please feel free to help yourself to a length of cable from our cable stand. Aerial and telephone connections can be found nearby.


In the welcoming summer months our gardening section expands to cater for the needs of all types of gardeners. Pest and weed control have always been popular sellers and so we stock a varied selection of sprays, mixes and potions! All your gardening tools can be found alongside garden hoses and fittings. Our compost special offers have become increasingly popular, we now provide a selection of organic, peat free and specialised composts required for your plants and vegetables.

Houseware Products and Plastics

Popular with the local customers, day to day cleaning items and utensils can be found in our houseware section. With leading brands such as Mr Muscle, Pledge and Vanish, we also stock sought after products such as leather balsam, silver and brass cleaners and beeswax polishes. Mops, brushes and buckets are supplied to cater for all your cleaning needs. Often surprising to our customers, we stock items of crockery, glassware, pots and pans, plasticware and food containers.


The favoured speed-fit connectors are stocked here, plus all the plumbing essentials including elbows, valves and connections. Copper pipe, waste pipe, washing machine and tumble dryer hose’s are always available. For a quick leak fix we have many repair products such as putty, boss white and PTFE tape.

Building Supplies

You are welcome to browse in our wood store where a good selection of sheet material, mouldings, and lengths of timber are sold. Sand, Cement, PostFix,or Plaster together with brick dye and flashing will cover most of your building requirements.

Car & Cycle Accessories

We stock a large variety of accessories including cycle inner tubes and tyres, car shampoo and wax, motor oil, bulbs, cleaning leathers, sprays and lubricants.

Pet Supplies

From small animal bedding to wild bird food & feeders, we can provide your essential feed and cleaning pet supplies.


Our best sellers are often largely in demand due to the weather or season. We try to ensure that we have enough stock of Electrical Fans, Coal, Logs, Sticks, Paraffin and Butane and Propane Gas (Harris Gas) throughout the year for extremes of weather. Seasonal bedding plants & a wide range of compost are sold from April – June. Weaverham Hardware comes to life at Christmas time, with an extensive range of Christmas lights and accessories.

Address 9 Lime Avenue, Weaverham, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 3DE

Telephone Number 01606 853341